Monday, September 29, 2008


There are certain famous people one foolishly believes will never die. Ray Charles and James Brown were supposed to live forever right? We all grew up with them! And now Paul Newman! Gone. So handsome, so generous, so tolerant of others, and so magnetic onscreen! Even the rich and famous die; legends must go too. Amen.

An a
pparent quote from Paul:

"I'm a supporter of gay rights. And not a closet supporter either. From the time I was a kid, I have never been able to understand attacks upon the gay community. There are so many qualities that make up a human being... by the time I get through with all the things that I really admire about people, what they do with their private parts is probably so low on the list that it is irrelevant."

Bravo Paul! A long awesome well-lived life. So many could only wish to achieve what you did.

I went to the fairly new NOKIA Theatre Saturday night in Downtown L.A. It's right in front of the Staples Center where I saw Sir Paul McCartney three years ago! What a beautiful venue this is! Luis Miguel was terrific! What a performer and what a voice! A commanding, charismatic, charming, and handsome iconic crooner he is! A huge superstar in the Spanish-speaking world; Luis Miguel is probably most famous to American audiences for the serious relationship he had with Mariah Carey earlier this decade, which when it failed, left her quite messed up and on the verge of a breakdown. I hadn't seen him in over ten years, but Luis is still fairly young; only 38 years old. He sure brought that crowd to life. They roared! Sadly, no cameras were allowed inside! Security was very very strict! BAH HUMBUG!

Samples of Luis' music:


d. chedwick said...


I loved paul so much---if you haven't seen Slapshot (1977 I think) you must--besides being a great comedy, his character makes casual comments on gay / bi life in a scene with Melinda Dillon. A sex scene where experimentation is talked about was still kind of unusual back then.

Paul is also an average "everyman" in the film, and gets to joke and swear a lot. Looks like he had fun making that one.

dennis said...

Dennis liked the Sting because it had both Paul Newman and Robert Shaw (two fave actors !!)

alice said...

I think the world was a better place because Paul Newman was in it. He was just a stellar human being, and so real.

I did see Slap Shot, and Paul was amazing in it. It's a laugh a minute, and a great performance on his part. I recommend it highly.

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

We will miss Paul and viva Miguel. We missed seeing you in New York. Hope your ears were burning as several people think you were the one that introduced us to each other.

Anonymous said...

I really enjoy your blog, very insightful, yet I'm intrigued you like Luis Miguel...where does one begin? He's over rated, obnoxious, won't fess up to having a kid out of wedlock until 17 years after the fact...doesn't do original music, all he does now are covers, won't talk to the media unless he's selling a new album, etc., etc., etc...I gotta give it to him, he still gets people into his shows...More power to him, sorry but I'll stay at home...not that he'll miss me...Still enjoy your blog quite a bit...

WAT said...

Luis Miguel is a snot. But he has talent and puts on a great show. I can't deny liking his voice and talent, despite the fact he is a bit of a jerk.


mouse (aka kimy) said...

yes you were seriously missed @ the nyc convergence!!

the news of paul's passing sunday morning dampened an already damp, damp day with sadness and grief.

wonderful photo you found. thanks.

he will live on through his film, his foundation and his sensory pleasing food company.