Monday, January 02, 2006



I did nothing but lounge around today and watch tha Rose Parade. It rained and rained and rained and I felt so bad for the marching bands and people that had to go down the five-mile route, but they were all excellent sports and put on the best show.

Back to work tomorrow and I have to go to my half sister’s wake in the evening. I hate reality, but I must confront it and see lots of relatives and people I have not encountered in many many years. It’s gonna be weird. Real weird.

Are we to believe what these people are forecasting/predicting for 2006? Particularly of concern is possible massive quakes in San Francisco. GULP!

Very very interesting and worth the read:


G-man said...

It's been raining here in wisconsin for almost the past week. All of our december snow is long gone and now things are just wet and messy.

So glad ol' GW is doing something to help this ozone layer of ours...

Bill German said...

I predict the Salton Sea will have the next big earthquake. So if your in palm springs drinking and (?) you better grab your socks and head for the exit.