Wednesday, January 11, 2006



This morning., my co-worker and I William, were being a little too loud laughing it up about the usual crude sex talk we usually have. All in good fun.

But, I was reported to my supervisor for disturbing the peace.

Bullshit. Yes, I was probably guilty of laffing it up a bit wee loud, but come on! Everyone here is guilty of talking, chitchatting, and laffing it up and I never ever complain!

Why try and ruin my party? Sometimes I wonder if it isn’t just envy. Lots of these women and men are married, frustrated, and have kids and crap. Is it their daily frustrations that has them f**kin’ picking on me?

I dunno. Words were exchanged, and at one point I got very upset and started cursing real bad at this one Russian/Armeynian PUTA I got into it with. I’m not proud of myself when I get that angry, but JAYSUS MAN, I am human and it just upsets me when people are hypocrites about this kinda sh*t.

If this were a library and I were the only jackass stirring up trouble, I would understand. But I’m not.

The Armeyneeans get together constantly to speak in their language, live it and laugh it up quite good, and I never ever bitch at them.

But I did today.


I’m so much better than this. I really am…what is a talented scrub like myself still doing here???



G-man said...

That happened to a few gals I work with a while back. As we say in my office: Everybody's created equal...just some are more equal than others.

It's bullshit. I'm glad you cursed somebody out.

Bill German said...

I hate office politics

Dave The Hat said...

You just have to make them realise that the noise you generate is relative. I.e., it is a relatively small infringement on their ear drums than say, if you came in and played The Eagles of Deathmetal every five minutes...

*la luna negra* said...

oh gawd that is just like the women I work with all speaking to eachother all loud in their annoying language (which is rude first off) and yet the boss never says I word, I exchange a few sentences with the gal next to me and the boss will stare from whatever side of the room she is in. thank goodness for the ipod or else I would kill.