Monday, January 23, 2006


Aw man. This is bad, bad, bad, bad.

Ford cutting all these jobs and closing plants is not a good thing at all. For the employees, and for our country’s economy in general. Let’s face it, we are not the industrial giant we once used to be, and that is kinda sad and scary at times.

I mean, I own a Toyota myself only because they’re damn good reliable and gas-friendly/conscious little vehicles! Ta hell with an American car man, they have a really bad reputation at this point! Gas guzzling clunkers is what most of us see them as.

And to think, at one point, American cars were the envy of the whole world! The pride and joy of this country! All of our products were! Now where is all our stuff made? China, Taiwan, and anywhere else there’s cheap labor! It’s really quite shocking! Nothing is made in America anymore! What gives man?!

All this outsourcing really gets on my nerves. Last year, when I bought my Dell computer, I encountered some problems getting it correctly delivered, and instead of speaking to a representative in the States, I had to deal with people in India and the Philippines! I hate to be prejudiced, but dealing with those people and their accents halfway around the world really offended and insulted me as a customer.

And yet, our economy is still the world’s largest, most diverse, and technologically advanced. How is that, with everything being made and outsourced to other places?

Is this what they mean by us becoming a service economy?


G-man said...

I can't help but think ol' GW has something to do with this slump in the economy. All we care about is spending money on the war and oil. Oddly enough, the oil companies are having record years while the rest of the economy is going in the shitter. Doesn't anybody see that this is happening?!!!

Great post, dude.

Mario said...

yeah, great post. I think the American economy could be going well even if American products could not compete with their foreign counterparts. The rules have changed a lot in this globalized economy; often what really matters is where the desion-making takes place regarding the trading of products coming from all over the world, not necessarily where these goods are produced.

Loren Soth said...

Personally I blame Unions. Unions were a good idea in the begining of last centuary when workers needed a voice against the big companies.... but know they have put a stranglehold on most american companies.

Many of the big name companies have become welfare states, supporting many with medical benefits, pensions, and oher union perks to their former employees.

This is what happens when unions run rampent....they ruin the economy and ask now milk the system.

Service economy has nothing to do with it..... it i al unions. Hey 60 minutes even did a story on the Union Stranglehold on ford last year...on how it may cause it to do more layoffs to support it growing former employee base.

Bill German said...

i bought a dell pentium D in august and the hard drive was noisy as fuck, and I had the worst experience with bangalore too. So I spoke with my pocketbook and return the sucker. As Michael kicks back with his stock options piling up.