Tuesday, January 17, 2006


The Golden Globe Awards were kinda boring last night, except for the fact that I watched them with some very funny gay friends.

I was happy to see Brokeback Mountain awarded for best film, screenplay, director, and song. However, I was kinda disappointed Heath Ledger did not win in the acting category and lost to Philip Seymour Hoffman who is a great actor himself. This sux because most gay men want to sleep with Ledger! LOL! How superficial!

Felicity Huffman was justly awarded for Transamerica and that was great to see as she does deserve it. Her role as a pre-op transsexual is mind-blowingly good.

The awards for television shows such as Lost and Desperate Housewives didn’t excite me much as I really don’t watch these programs. I really don’t watch regular TV at all anymore period. Maybe I’ll check these shows out sometime on DVD through Netflix or something.

And so Hollywood looks next to the Oscars.

I really thought Heath Ledger was a sure lock, but now Hoffman or Joaquin Phoenix look like the true winners of the Oscar itself.

We’ll see...


Loren Soth said...

As I wrote to you earlier, it is rather sad the talk that is whispering or heckling in the background about these three films.
"Brokeback Mtn", "Capote", and "Transamerica", films some people are calling filth and trash becuase of their homosexual/non-hetero contenet.

I can understand "Transamerica" and "Brokeback" under the usual fire, but "Capote"? The film is simply about the book this man wrote and has nothing to do with his sexual identity. Yet it is under fire because Truman Copote was a homosexual.

I salute and applaud both the actors, writers, and directors who made these movies becuase they are simple stories about real life. They did a great job bring these films too life. Seems people forget that the Globes and Oscars are about awarding those that can tell a awesome story, someone who can make things believable and heartfelt.

I would say something about the films those critics say should get something.... but I would be as bad as them. Those films they talk about push a "zionist" agenda. Yet if I were to say that in public I would get stoned. Face it some people are tired of seeing stories about bombings and things we can easily view in the news.

That's just my opinion. A 3rd class citizen of this so called U.S. of A. Long live the C.S.A.!

Bill German said...

I saw brokeback mtn at the grove too. I thought it was somewhat boring and I am gay and I camp in the sierra's, so do the math? It just doesnt add up? What is wrong with me? Why didnt I like it that much? Oh well

Mario said...

Philip Seymour Hoffman was really good in Capote; I'll never forget the final scenes with his “friend” the killer. It is like he is finally nauseated with himself because he is immersed in chronicling such an atrocity.