Thursday, January 19, 2006


I have some sort of head cold/allergy and it’s annoying me.

A few weeks ago, I sat down and watched a very interesting movie about Adolf Hitler’s final days in his underground bunker before he, along with his longtime girlfriend then wife Eva Braun committed suicide. BLOODY COWARDS is what they were, seeing that they had lost the war and were going to face criminal prosecution and execution no doubt for their bloody awful crimes.

The film, called Downfall, had its moments, although at times I felt it went too darn slow, but it was effective in its portrayal of a man who nearly conquered the world, but in the end thankfully saw his demented psychotic ideas go to hell. The suicide of others surrounding Hitler like Goebbels and his wife and other Nazi high-ranking officials is pretty compelling as well.

What troubled me more in the film was that while Hitler actually seems human for about three seconds filled with fear and concern that his sick world domination plan is coming to an end, Eva Braun (his wife) shows hardly any concern or care in the world. Was she truly this clueless?

Let’s face it. For better or for worse (in this case worse) Adolf Hitler made an indelible mark on history. He was a shrewd skillful intelligent man, who managed to brainwash millions into adoring him and believing in him. I mean, we still talk about this madman today! Just the mere mention of his name arouses all kinds of opinions and sentiments from people.

Talk about making your mark on history! Hitler accomplished this, despite his negative behavior. Because of the Nazi regime, many industries in Germany and other technological ideas are still in use to this day! The Nazis, as evil as they were, actually accomplished some remarkable things.

Unfortunately, their atrocious deeds outweigh any constructive ideas they may have contributed to. The systematic murder of millions of Jews, Gypsies, mentally ill/handicapped, and gays is something for which Hitler and crew are unforgivable.

It’s too bad. The guy had potential to truly be a positive charismatic leader. And he sure was. With an appalling dark side that will never be forgotten.

Yes, you can change/alter the course of history negatively.

But why would you want to?


Mario said...

I also liked "der Untergang." The actor portraying Hitler was so good. He built a character that was definitely human but still impenetrable because of his luminous evilness. Hitler also deeply affected the future German generation. Germans have inherited a bit of this dark moment of history. Even if they had nothing to do with it there is a ghost of xenophobia hovering Germans. Culturally it can be sad and almost embarrassing to come from a country where such an atrocity was allowed to happen.

G-man said...

That sounds like an interesting movie, yet another one to put on the list!

If I could alter history, would i? Hmm...good question. I will ponder on that as i hit my pillow tonight. Might be a good subject for a future post on my site! Thanks for the inspiriation!

"Time is a train
Makes the future the past
Leaves you standing in the station
You faced pressed up against the glass"

Bill German said...

now i really need a bayer aspirin