Monday, January 09, 2006


How neat is this?

Howard Stern, my favorite morning crude vulgar psycho debuted finally on Sirius Satellite Radio this very morning. It was kind of weird hearing him on paid radio for the first time actually. He does curse more, and I’m sure he will still keep the show as edgy as always without the freakin’ FCC on his back anymore.

Trying to set up for Sirius Radio was a battle though. I waited till the very last minute, till yesterday to look for a receiver. I don’t know how many Best Buys, Circuit Cities, and Targets I went to, but I finally got this one. I had no such luck finding the home kit though, so I had to order it on Apparently, Sirius Satellite Radio does not work like regular radio, you have to get all kinds of attachments/accessories to be complete. It’s a way to make money of course. And installing and setting the whole thing up takes a bit of time and can be a hassle.

So for now, I got the thing hooked up in my car, which is better than nothing. In about two weeks, my backordered home kit should arrive and I can finally listen to it at home, or at work.

That is, if the antenna is strong enough to get reception at work. At least they re-broadcast the Stern show at nights in case I miss it in the morning.

This is strange way cool technology in its very infancy.

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G-man said...

For some reason, I have a real reason paying a montly subscription for radio. It suprises me that more Howard Stern fans aren't upset about the $100+ it will cost for them to listen to him over the course of the year. Oh well. A friend of mine and I always say that there are two types of ppl: satellite radio ppl, and the iPodders. (But you're both now, aren't you?)

Another friend of mine always said either you like The Beatles or you like the Rolling Stones. My question is, is there really any question?