Saturday, January 28, 2006


I hate being mortal and having to die one day for sure only because I do enjoy living tremendously, despite life’s pitfalls.

Aside from my appreciation for nature, animals, physical beauty, love, sex, food, film, music, laughter, or spending time with someone special, I think the one thing I find most amazing about life itself is learning.

LEARNING. I have always loved learning, and I continue to learn, not just from life’s experiences, but from all the facts that one can find out there. I guess that's why I enjoyed school so much and I miss college. I will go back...someday I hope.

The wealth of information is astonishing. That used to be confined to books really, which I have always loved, but with the Internet...WOW! Yes, aside from hours of viewing porn (LOL), I can also spend them constructively online enriching my noggin.

I love digging into famous people’s lives, and reading their biographies. I find it fascinating to learn about people who have already lived and either contributed something to the world or did nothing but help make it worse. Each life story is compelling, regardless.

Learning and being informed on current events like politics is something else I love. The political situation in the Middle East, the role of the United States as a great superpower, terrorism, and other issues are very very invigorating to my brain.

Religion too (although I hate how fundamentalistic it has become) is also a very interesting topic to make cerebral juices flow. Why do people so adhere to their beliefs, and why do wars continue to be waged due to them?

Death is another topic I am very drawn to. Why do we live a certain amount of time, slowly wither, get ill, then kick the bucket? What truly happens to us once we go?

Movie trivia is another one of my favorite things to learn about. Everything related to how a movie was filmed, what actors were in it, the director, producer, awards it may have won, critical reviews and such make for endless hours of intense and involved learning. Watching movies on DVD is very educational.

Other cultures and languages, historical events, authors, books, essays, atlases, almanacs, name it. Thank you Wikipedia, PBS, Netflix, IMDB, Amazon, other people’s blogs, news websites, etc. for enriching my life with all this gorgeous treasure of info.

I truly will never cease to enjoy learning. Until the day I die.

I wish I had more time.



Bill German said...

The news makes me sad. Iraq makes me sad. Sometimes, when I go camping I have no news for a week and it is refreshing, not to know what the stock market did or who got killed or if the world came to an end.

WAT said...

Ya know, that is a good point too. Just getting away from it all from time to time helps immensely.

Mario said...

the pressure of learning brings so much anxiety into my life, but still, I am attracted to it like a moth to fire.

G-Man said...

Wow! Great post.