Saturday, January 14, 2006


I barely became a member of Netflix two weeks ago or so to ring in the new year, and so far I am loving this service! Whoever created this is a genius business entrepreneur who is probably now worth millions.

It’s really freakin’ cool! I’ve chosen a shitload of movies already to view--way more than I will get shipped to my home in a month and sit down and make time for to even watch, but it’s still purty awesome. I think I’ve got a whole year or so already covered!!!

How did I not sign up sooner man? Driving to Blockbuster, wasting time there looking for a film, not always finding what u want (especially their decent but still sorely lacking foreign film section) and spending all that money there is a hassle! On Netflix, the movies are amazingly presented, reviewed, explained, and navigating through the site is a breeze. The film selection is astounding. If other friends of yours are part of the service, u can share your movie lists and recommend films to each other and all kinds of neat stuff.

Thank you Internet. With Netflix, my life has now become truly more convenient as I am an avid movie buff.

Why read the book when you can watch the film?


Mario said...

I agree that Netfilx is a great invention. And I envy you. I can only do the netflix thing when I visit my brother because I don't even own a TV set where I live (on purpose, so I don't use all my time watching DVDs while in school...).

BobCiz said...

My wife and I have been Netflix subscribers for the past year and now I can't imagine life without it. We usually watch 3-4 movies a week. We think of it as an opportunity to see a lot of movies we would never have paid the admission price to see. Indie films, foreign films, and genre films that expand our understanding of other cultures have added immeasurably to our awareness and tolerance of lifestyles we knew nothing about before. What a great service! Enjoy.

Bill German said...

My history with blockbuster online:
Date Received Date Returned Movie Grade
2004-10-29 2004-10-31 fahrenheit 911 b-
2004-10-29 2004-10-31 office space a
2004-10-31 2004-11-01 day after tomorrow d+
2004-11-01 2004-11-02 bubble boy a-
2004-11-01 2004-11-02 mystic river a+
2004-11-04 2004-11-05 win a date with tad hamilton b+
2004-11-05 2004-11-08 tigerland c
2004-11-06 2004-11-08 paycheck d+
2004-11-08 2004-11-09 the office (first series) b
2004-11-09 2004-11-10 twist d
2004-11-09 2004-11-10 a home at the end of the world c-
2004-11-12 2004-11-15 elephant a+
2004-11-12 2004-11-15 28 days later b
2004-11-13 2004-11-15 monster c
2004-11-16 2004-11-19 taking lives b+
2004-11-16 2004-11-19 21 Grams na
2004-11-19 2004-11-24 the human stain c+
2004-11-19 2004-11-22 d
2004-11-20 2004-11-22 paycheck d+
2004-11-20 2004-11-22 party monster d+
2004-11-22 2004-11-23 clockstoppers c+
2004-11-22 2004-11-23 bowling for columbine b
2004-11-26 2004-11-27 clockstoppers c+
2004-11-26 2004-11-27 25th hour b+
2004-11-26 2004-11-29 24th day b-
2004-12-01 2004-12-03 gerry b
2004-12-01 2004-12-03 chronicles of riddick b-
2004-12-01 2004-12-03 ghosts of the abyss d-
2004-12-03 2004-12-06 angels in america (disc 1) b+
2004-12-08 2004-12-10 the office (second series) b-
2004-12-09 2004-12-10 S.W.A.T. b-
2004-12-10 2004-12-11 angels in america (disc 2) b+
2004-12-14 2004-12-15 gladiator days: prison murder b
2004-12-14 2004-12-15 stuck on you b+
2004-12-17 2004-12-20 the italian job b-
2004-12-17 2004-12-20 down with love b

G-man said...

I've been thinking about doing NetFlix or the Blockbuster route...Just not sure if I have the time right now to watch a lot of movies.

I am planning on getting a DVR through my cable company so I can start taping the stuff I've been watching.

ScottyFerguson said...

The only thing that bugs me is that NETFIX does not have the newly remastered Twilight Zone Original series but Blockbuster does. Its still not a good enough reason to give those a-holes my money!