Sunday, January 15, 2006


Let’s see. Codes/usernames/passwords I gotta remember:

–My ATM debit card secret code.

–My username/password for one program at work.

–Code/password for another program at work.

–Username/password for work email.

–Username/password for work Internet access.

–Password to log on to home computer.

–Username/password for four different email accounts on the regular Internet.

–Username/password for this blog.

–Username/password for the photo upload program I use for this blog.

–Username/password for the audio upload program I use for this blog.

–Secret code I use for the phone service for this blog.

–Email/password for my new subscription to Netflix.

–Email/password for

–Username/password for four different adult-themed websites I visit (ahem).

–Email/password for

I know I’ve missed others, but it’s just way too much for Christ’s sake! I wonder how it is I haven’t gone crazy! I try and use the same ones for many of the above, but still man! STILL!!!

I really hope I never get Alzheimer’s.

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Bill German said...

awesome cartoon. my penis is too big.