Wednesday, September 24, 2008


People are walking and driving around quite angry these days! It will only get worse as the economy tanks even further. Monday afternoon, I went to my local cable company to get a discount and a new transmitter box, and while waiting in line, a heated argument broke out! An Eastern European dude was accused by others of cutting in line, but apparently the man had staked his place a while before; he had been sitting the whole time, and decided to finally stand in line as he neared one of the service windows. "You sit there while the rest of us have to stand, and now you come in conveniently to take your place in line?", shouted an Asian man to the guy. And then a Latina woman got involved speaking hilarious broken English! And then a gentleman from New York got incensed and he called security, and all hell broke loose! And what did I do? What do you think I did?! I started laughing out loud! Literally laughing my head off at the spectacle! I signed my paperwork, walked out with my new equipment, and was laughing hysterically on my way out, which made others waiting in line laugh out loud with me. I was beet red! People are just funny man! I love witnessing humanity in all its stupid glory!

Comments posted throughout the Net about the proposed bailout(s) are overwhelmingly against it. I do not blame most of us for being pissed off! It's sick that WE the taxpayer should have to bear the burden of all these CEO crooks and losers on Wall St. Downright criminal! Even worse was the list released yesterday I believe, of the richest members of Congress! It's appalling how many millions some of these assholes have! Ya wanna see it? Go here to look at the wealthiest lawmakers in the land. These are the jerks and bitches that are on Capitol Hill screwing us over left and right. Save for a few good men and woman in there, the majority of them have allowed Bush and Co. to royally f**k us good the last eight years. How about they donate some of their wealth to help the financial crisis? What about that?! To his credit, Barack Obama only has a net worth of about one million dollars, but he's still gotten a lot of campaign funding from some of the failed financial agencies. As far as I'm concerned, the more I read about all this corruption and open my eyes to the truth, the more I'm leaning towards voting for a third party candidate or writing in my choice. Republicans and Democrats can sit there and attack each other all day long, but are all ultimately responsible for the financial disaster we now face.

A horrible school shooting in Finland; the killer had previously posted Youtube clips of himself with guns in hand. And another odd stabbing on a Greyhound bus in Canada! Not as bad as this one last time, but still bizarre, and very unnerving. Pray for our species, and for our country. And enjoy your lives fellow brethren as much as you can, despite the madness.

Peter Finch's Academy-Award winning performance, in a brilliant film more relevant today than it was 32 years ago. Listen to this amazing speech:


Moi said...

You're very funny and I loved this post. :)

d. chedwick said...

missing you in NY this weekend-- maybe you can attend the second annual Blogstock next summer at old Ched U. xxxooo

M- Filer said...

There is an inherent corruption in the system. Our politicians are bought and sold like commodities, so what is the solution? Voting for third party candidates? I doubt it. It is clear that the real governmeent, is run from Wall Street.

David Wornica said...

Many people aren't aware of this, but for every representative in the House and Senate there is an average of 77 lobbyists.

If you (or anyone else for that matter) were to approach the capitol, you'd likely be detained in gitmo. But if you represent the corporate elite or other special interests you can breeze right on in.

That's our representative democracy for ya.