Friday, September 05, 2008


My beloved Loren Soth's best friend W.L. is in the hospital! Please pray/wish him well at this very difficult time. I am genuinely worried about this young man. Severe illness/accidents are terrible events that suddenly befall people and animals, and it often breaks my heart, because I know what it is like to be very sick and feel helpless. Am I empathic? YOU BETTER BELIEVE IT. I have been through some serious suffering in my darkest anxiety moments, so hearing about stuff like this makes me very sad.

More than anything, I think of good emotional, mental, and physi
cal health as being the greatest gift we can ever receive. Life is only enjoyable and worth living when one is in relatively good health; I am grateful for every day that I can actually get out of my bed and go to work, even if I'm not a morning person and it pisses me off. A cold bug, some muscle pain, or headache once in a while is expected, but nothing beats decent/excellent health! Being unable to do what you want and get out there due to a severe illness or condition is a terrible thing. Relatively good health allows us to feel alive, invincible, and able to achieve whatever we wish. It's good to be/feel as strong as an oak tree!

This is why I cannot understand how some people can be arrogant or selfish. One moment you can be in tip-top shape, and the next, you could find yourself very sic
k or in an accident in serious danger of facing your mortality! We are but minuscule little bugs on this planet, and anyone who thinks they are invincible and above others is deluding themselves! Sometimes, these things occur to those of us who need to suffer and learn lessons the hard way. If having severe anxiety disorder complete with debilitating dizzy spells taught me something, was how humble I have to be in this life. Humility is a key virtue my friends! You can seemingly have it all one moment, only for it to be taken away by very severe unforeseen circumstances! And let's not even get into karma, because she is a bitch as we already know! You are but a mere step away from death, so being nice and careful with how you treat others is KEY!

Sarah Palin is annoying. John McCain is old and frighteningly close to death and we
are seriously facing this woman as president! People are loving her; she looks so much like Tina Fey. Her future son-in-law however, looks miserable. We are being set up my fellow Americans! Obama will not get into office. I smell a conspiracy. Call me a cynic. And if he does get in, they will try to hurt him. And besides, I find all these current politicians repulsive anyway. Liars. Crooks. They're all rich anyway. Do they care? I hope I am crazy and all my thoughts on this are wrong.

A good healthy weekend to you all. I eagerly await all your comments.


Todd said...

No holds barred on your political views, eh? I have to agree with you. Why did the RNC seem like a circus freak show? This is absolutely scary!!!

And, of course, I fully agree with you on the health thing since I'm still unable to even ride a bike. It's frustrating!!!

alice said...

I'm so sorry that your friend, Loren, is suffering from worry for his ill friend. I don't know Loren's friend's name, but I will pray for him anyway. I hope he heals quickly and recovers his good health.

You're right - being healthy is priceless, and there is no substitute. When you are sick or disabled, it colors your whole world, and nothing is the same. I wish for you plenty of healthy years ahead.

I don't know who the hell to vote for........

dit said...

Very well put. Will have your friend in my thoughts. Health is a gift.

Karma is a bitch, and so is Blair Waldorf. Or at least that is what they say on Gossip Girl.

Palin will be from now on known as "The Tool." From the images I have seen, seems she is more than up for the VP. All that requires is supplying contracts to your croanies and shooting people in the face. lol. Job handled.

Best wishes to you and your friends. Take care.

Palm Springs Savant said...

You are SO RIGHT about the gift of good mental health. I thank God every night for it actually.

I'll kepe your friend in my prayers Wat.

Squirrel said...

I'm praying for your friend, lighting a candle.

edward said...

my friend Jack is sick .it's sad when people are sick.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

healing thoughts and prayers going up for w.l.

annoying? the thought of ms. pain (mcsame's new gal) as being v.p. is too much to let's all make sure that WE CAN and WE DO take back the country!

peace and night night. have a good weekend and you take care

sttropezbutler said...

Who can afford health these days?

I hope you are wrong, and I hope I am wrong and I hope that some real change does indeed occur. Vote. Just vote and hope that it actually counts this time!


Gary said...

I have had these same thoughts about health being a gift and how fragile the balance between having it all and having nothing can seem - as the old adage goes "If you have your health you have everything". I will keep W.L. in my prayers. I have witnessed first hand over the past year that prayer is a powerful, powerful force.

I am getting a little worried that Obama will not win this election. I cannot imagine what educated person would vote for Mcain but a Rebublican win would surely hasten the demise of civilization as predicted by the Mayan's in 2012 wouldn't it?