Friday, September 26, 2008


Hey, my last post was super important, but I only got three comments from you people. What gives?! Give me the attention I need/crave please! LMAO! I know you're all busy with bigger and better things. Trust me, I am too.

My bank went bust! IT WENT BUST! MY PRECIOUS MILLIONS! GONE! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! As feared and already predicted, Washington Mutual was seized by the government and is officially finished! We're all under Chase now. WOOPDEEDOO! There was a massive bank run on customer deposits this past week, and they lost billions! The two presidential candidates are debating tonight. I'll listen/watch I suppose, but whatever. The terrible economic damage to the U.S. over the last eight years is complete. 9/11 started the horror, Bush expanded it, and now we're left with a future diet of rice, beans, bread, and water! Get the alcohol and recreational drugs ready baby! We're gonna need them!

Many congratulations to Sir Paul McCartney for his visit/concert in Israel this past week, despite death threats. Looking at the recent pics of Paul, he is looking much much older now. Wow! The haggardness is really starting to show big time! Oh well. Even legends must age I suppose. It will happen to me as well. HA! I also read Paul McCartney is dating some new woman too. I hope he's learned his lesson from his last acrimonious failed marriage, and sticks to just dating this new chick.

You good people have a great weekend. Enjoy it as much as possible. Difficult times lie ahead, but we shall overcome.

I hope.


Todd said...

Hey, I posted a comment on your last post. I know I did since I never miss an opportunity to sing the praises of Faye Dunaway. It's not on there now so I don't know what happened.

Did I mention I adore Faye Dunaway?
I do.

A Lewis said...

I went back to look at your post...and discovered that I couldn't see it in Google Reader because of the color of text you chose to use....I think I told you about this in the past....but certain colors don't show up and are not able to be seen...sorry. Now, as for your millions, could you at least spare some extra to take me to lunch???

David Wornica said...

Hey, Thanks for visiting my site and dropping a comment. I really enjoy your site and would love to exchange blogroll links!

Thanks again!

(Great blog BTW)

M- Filer said...

And I know I can feel bad,when I get in a bad mood,and the world can look so sad...Only you make me feel good.

alice said...

I think the reason I'm not commenting about all this financial horror is because I am truly dumbfounded by it. I can't be glib or sarcastic because I have no words. It's truly frightening.....

I still visit every day and read your blog. I wouldn't miss it.

dit said...

This is a financial mess. I wonder if it is fixable? anyway . . . .

Sorry to hear about your bank.

Yes, I had an amazing weekend. Hope you did also. The weather was perfect, no?