Friday, September 12, 2008


And I'm not done just yet ranting about 9/11! Damn that stupid day! DAMN IT TO HELL!

I was watching all that footage again on YouTube yesterday, which only served to depress me further and stir up my emotions yet again. Like I commented on Lewis' blog, it cou
ld've been any one of us normal people going about our day killed or witnessing that crap first hand! If you work in an office cubicle like I do, so many of those in the WTC did as well and either had to run for their lives down those stairwells or were trapped to die. I cannot imagine, even 7 years later how frightening that must've been. Or we could've been passengers on any one of those hijacked flights; the terror of seeing the actual hijackers and the crew they killed and subjugated, only to slam into buildings or a field. If you can stand it, United 93 is a difficult, but effective film. My aunt knew someone aboard Flight 175 (the second plane to smash into the WTC), which makes it a bit more personal and tragic. People do die every day, but in such a dramatic fashion that affects thousands, and ultimately millions is pretty rare.

Where was the Air Force? WHERE?! ARGH! FOUR PLANES HIJACKED! FOUR! Two to three too many! ONE OF THEM HIT THA FREAKIN' PENTAGON!!! HOW?! Why can I not just let it rest and accept everything as it happened? Why these nagging questions?! I was so quick to accept the official story when it all occurred, and ready to
bomb half the Arab world, and now I'm left disgusted and upset at how everything has turned out and run by our current government. To doubt the official story is very sad, because I never thought I'd even reach this point. I accept the whole story, up until the point where NORAD didn't shoot down the second or third planes from crashing. Ugh. Whatever. Who cares what I think? It's over. Done.

Speaking of political nightmares, McCain has gained tremendous momentum with his VP choice, and a radio show host last night said that Obama had lost a lot of his popularity. Recently, Joe Biden went out of his way to praise Hillary Clinton, to the point of even saying she would've been a better choice as VP! WHAT?! The radio show host said that it would be interesting if Biden suddenly resigned and let Hillary in, assuring Obama's victory. It almost seems as though it's Obama vs. Palin the VP; never before had the vice presidential nominee been this important to a race. More dirt has been dished out on Palin and her family; her two oldest children are apparently uncontrollable partying rebels! What an interesting political race indeed, with the clock winding down, and yet seemingly so much time left still.

Happy weekend everybody. I hope to hear from you.


Darci said...

It really DOES seem like it's Obama vs. Palin in this race. I think it's cuz McCain's the oldest candidate we've ever had, it really puts the focus on his choice...well and Palin's only the second female running mate EVER. AND she's super evangelical (which would TOTALLY explain why her daughters - if indeed it's true - are partying rebels), which has stirred up right-winged radicals into a frenzy. I have to say...McCain has played his hand in this last stretch REALLY well. He's got all the attention now, doesn't he? He might just pull this off.

But dear God. Even this Independent isn't sure she can take four more years. I sure know my pocketbook can't!

A Lewis said...

I'd say that the Palin deal has definitely tossed all of our nation, including the political race, just off kilter a bit. We're off balance and dizzy. And, by god, we'd better get ourselves centered and focused quickly. Time's a wasting. Feels like we're in third grade.

Todd said...

I'm still in amazement that people are actually going to vote for the old man, just because of the Jesus freak. Do they not read? Do they not listen? What's wrong with the people in this country that their political decisions are made on such superficial and frivolous things? What ever happened to looking at the candidates records, their experience, and their ability to get things done?

This is a sore subject for me, obviously.

Bill German said...

i flew on 175 maybe 20 times in my life. life is all about chance, roll the dice

Ladrón de Basura (a.k.a. Junk Thief) said...

I was on my way to Oaxaca the morning of 9/11. In some ways I wish I had ended up there instead of not being able to board my plane.

Gledwood said...

America scrapped ALL air defences against New York City after assuming no more threat post the fall of the Soviet Union...

Gledwood said...

ps be honest do you give those conspiracy theories any credence at all?

Gledwood said...

pps as I said on my blog, Palin is America's punishment for NOT VOTING IN HILLARY as the Democratic nomination for President.

Now they shall get all they deserve in the form of a president Palin

or best of all Hillary and Palin neck and neck both for pres' NEXT time around

Pod said...

happy weekend to you too wattie

Anonymous said...

I had a great 911! I saved a building from burning down !!!!

Quite a great capper to the day. It made me far happier than i thought it would... i think, because you really never know how you're going to feel until you actually have the experience with something, very different from just "Thinking" about it.

- wolfie

ps do I ever remember my password?

Anonymous said...

p.s. don't worry about that psychotic palin and the geezer mccain.. no matter what momentum they have... obama will still win.. we can only hope that America is not quite as stupid as it was when they voted BUSH IN!

what the F was that all about anyway.

- wolfie

sophia said...

we had a rally tribute to 9/11 at my school...sad sad sad.

and personally, i think that the guy who got Palin's daughter pregnant should just not marry that the whole "people who have babies are ALWAYS married first" thing doesn't really fit. but i think that the Democrats are going to have to start fighting a little harder/dirtier if they really want to win the election... then again, where i live if you don't support obama they drive you away with pitchforks and torches, so i'm pretty biased.