Monday, September 15, 2008


Where did the weekend go?! So much going on, it's overwhelming! WHEW!

Horrible, horrible, horrible train crash very near my office on Friday. It went from being a local, then national, to international tragic news story. Questions as to how/why it happened remain, and it's all so very sad really. I had never seen so many cop cars and other emergency vehicles racing towards an accident scene in my life; on my way home from work Friday just after the incident happened.

Our economy continues its collapse, with more troubles for banks due to the mortgage crisis. Hurricane Ike did not help matters, and is turning out to be much worse as each day goes by. Texas and Louisiana were battered big time by that storm! Wh
at other goodies does the month of September have in store I wonder?

Bizarre story
about John Lennon possibly lusting after his mother?! EW! Lennon was brutally
honest/frank at times. Maybe too much so! LOL! Genius songwriter though. Undoubtedly! Could Madonna be so rude? So cold? So conceited and stand-offish?! That's what this British singer says.

I dedicate this week to the slut/whore that was rude Madonna, 1989-1994. My absolute favorite years of her entire career, when she truly ruled the world with her very provocative

Remember this exciting footage? Those were the days:


Gary said...

I simply had to go and check out that link to the Madonna story. Her behavior to James was really rude - there is no reason for such nonsense. I actually googled his image and he does look a bit like James Blunt so I can understand the confusion. Perhaps I should check out his music as well.

Horrible news about the train, the economy and the weather. The remainder of September can be quiet now.

molly said...

gosh, what a terrible looking train crash...ill be sending good vibes to anyone involved
im so glad ive found your blog again, its so informative!

Todd said...

Sometimes you have to be cold and rude when you're a superstar like Madonna. I know I have to be that way very often otherwise I'm constantly mobbed with wannabes. It's tough being famous.

Oh wait, maybe I dreamt that I was famous and had to be a cruel bitch in order to survive.

mouse (aka kimy) said...

I was wondering if that train wreck was near you! so awful!!

ew yuck I can't fathom that news about john. usually I say thanks for sharing, but I could have done without learning that....

Anonymous said...

I'm still washing my hands from having shaken the hand of Mystic's owner.

Anonymous said...

Finally now that Madonna's legacy has cooled off the music industry must focus their attention on the talented others, crushed in her wake.

The only way this was even possible was for the "like a virgin" star to get so old she more appears as Iris Swenson than any hot pose-striking diva!

molly said...

pattie boyd is my idol! what a compliment, thank you :)

M- Filer said...

I loved that era , her slut era, it left a lasting impression on me, and now I am aging whore just like she is! oh no.