Monday, September 08, 2008


Turns out the dude has a bad bleeding ulcer. Out of the hospital. Strict diet man! No FLAMING HOT CHEETOS for you. Thanks for all your prayers and well wishes to him.

Hurricane season is really bad this year. Believe it when I tells ya that McCain and the VP bitch with glasses are up in the polls! UGH! Prepare your exile my friends, to the country where you will most live comfortably, because if McCain wins, we are in for it! If I could just up and leave, I think I'd consider moving to Canada, Australia, or Spain. God, I never even thought I'd be at a point in my life to wanna leave the United States, and I'm sure many Americans feel the exact same way right now. Obama is lately doing all kinds of extra stupid things, like recently admitting the troop surge in Iraq worked very well; he possibly may have also said he was Muslim in a slip of the tongue! Could Barack be in on the scheme to sabotage his own big chance and get old geezer McCain in office?! The next two months will be a serious waiting game. Get out your Pepto and Tums folks! LOLOL! Our economy is in terrible shape and has practically collapsed with a terrible unemployment rate and government bailouts of banks and mortgage companies. Who pays for all this? Yes. We do.

Unlike English, which rules the world with prestige as the language of technology and progress, Spanis
h is often seen (in the U.S. especially) as the language of poor uneducated illegal immigrants. It makes me cringe to think that this beautiful European tongue has such a bad reputation; we have plenty of low class trashy ghetto English speakers too right? Spanish obviously comes from Spain, not Mexico, and is a highly literary and prestigious language that was diffused throughout the planet when the Spaniards went on their greedy conquests back in the day. 10 authors from Spain and Spanish-speaking Latin America combined have won the Nobel Prize in Literature. I often hear so many negative comments or erroneous views on español, but this is because most Americans get poor information from school and the media on Hispanic culture. I hate to use the word racism, but it's true. It's there, and now perhaps more than ever due to the tremendous amount of immigration (legal and illegal) and the new generation of bilingual Latinos born in the U.S., including myself. Not to worry America, Spanish will not be taking over the United States and replacing English anytime soon or ever for that matter. English is powerful, and the new generation of Latinos will speak it and prefer it over Spanish. They assimilate quite nicely and eventually subsequent generations will not speak or forget Spanish altogether. I wish more people studied and learned Spanish not just for the advantages it may provide at the workplace, but because of what it is: an amazing language of high honor and tremendous historical significance; not just the language of María who cleans your toilet or Juan who mows your lawn.

Muchas gracias everybody! I can't wait to rack up at least 10 comments on this post alone!


Conclave27 said...

As one I agree that Spainsh is a beautiful European language. The Castallan dialact is nice and is great if more people actually spoke it correctly here in the U.S.

However, the beef people have with it is this. English is considered the Unofficial laguage of the U.S. It was has been used as an official language for our country in forms of bussiness, legality, and so forth. Now if you want speak the misbiggoten spanglish-mexican tongue at home go ahead, but why force businesses and public services to cater to this "trash" culture? Maria and Juan should be legal and learn the trade/business language of "english". Why should we turn over on our heads and cater to them? As it is hard working honest citizens can't even get a fraction of the privalages these illegal broken spanish speakers get.
Recently I was horrified by my experience at County-USC. It seems that this segment of the population can gain more benefits than I can ever hope for. They get paid under the table, no taxes, free services, free food, free med, etc, it is truly sickening.
Some have said it is our governemnts fault for prviding them access, but on a moral issue it is these peoples fault. Their christaian/catholic faiths have turned them into a culture of beggers who will not better themseleves. They live in ignorance and choose to exploit everything as a majority.
Now mind you this may sound anti-mexican, but it is not. The class of people my grandparent and most of the hispanics I knew were from Post-revelutionary Mexico when Pancho Villa made many well educated and well off people flee up north to the U.S. People with some moral and ethically background who became part of the US and adapted. However the flood of illegals nowadays contain very few honest people. Most of them are uneducated and exploit everything. I met many who are truly bad and ignorant, and only a very very few who are honest and descent and have done their best to adapt.

Darci said...

Wow...Conclave, don't burst a blood vessel, dude!

Spanish is indeed a beautiful language. Just about every language in the world is more beautiful than English!

I think the United States should start teaching second languages in elementary school, as they do in just about every OTHER civilized country on the planet. It's just the right thing to do.

That said, indeed, I actually agree with Conclave (without the excessive generalities as to character) in that immigrants who come here need to learn English. Period. It should not be an option. And part of taking your citizenship test should be having a basic English skills exam. One should NOT be allowed to take a citizenship or driver's test with an interpreter in tow.

I don't think people have a disrespect for the Spanish language in general here. I think it's a disrespect for people who move to our country and refuse to learn our main language, whether official or not. Spanish may be the focus here, but in other major cities there is as much a problem with Asian, Italian, Indian, or any other nationality outside of the U.S. I don't know a lick of French...but I promise you that if I ever had to move there, I wouldn't for one second expect them to accomodate me with my English, nor would I even go to visit Cancun and expect the same. It's simply unreasonable. As they say, "When in Rome..."

A Lewis said...

Can you teach me Spanish? Can we do it naked? In person? Daily?

alice said...

I also think Spanish is a beautiful language. One of my closest friends, Catalina, teaches Spanish and French, and both of her children fluently speak three languages. I think that's awesome.

As you can tell, Will, people get passionate when voicing their opinions about the illegals, or even legal immigrants that want everything translated to their language. I don't know any easy answers, because there are breakdowns in several systems. I just know that I'm not anti-Mexican. My closest friends are Mexican and my life would be dull and boring without their joyful and loving influences. I think people are just overwhelmed with the situation at hand, and need to assign blame.

I know enough high school Spanish to get me into trouble, but I say it's never too late to learn. It's on my list......

Todd said...

Hey, Im making plans to move to Barcelona after the elections if that old dude and the Jesus loving mega-bitch win. Wanna move with me?
You're right. So many people I know are scared shitless about the possibility and are trying to figure out how to get out of the country. As far as language is concerned, I think everyone should speak at least two languages, more if possible. I welcome the diversity other languages offer to society. In the past, people who only spoke one language were considered very lower class and uneducated.
I know how it feels to be discriminated against because I'm a stupid American and couldn't speak the language of the country I was in.

Bill German said...

love the mccain old men poster, great movie

molly said...

i cant even believe that mccain is up in the could the US take an opportunity like obama and pass it up???

i cant believe, also, how long its been since ive been to your blog. im glad to be back!

d. chedwick said...

Spanish class was a requirement in my grade school (but only one year of it) so I never got beyond numbers and basic phrases really. You're right that English rules the world. No fear or paranoia from this cat. We could not function without Maria's help.